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Speed ​​of ship and riverflow when going round up and down the river on a ship

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배의 속력을 Vs (km/hr), 강물의 속력을 Vr (km/hr)이라고 하고 상류로 거슬러 올라갈때 걸린 시간을 Tu (hr), 하류로 내려올때 걸린 시간을 Td (hr), 상하류 두 지점 사이의 거리가 L (km)이라면, 강물의 속력은 다음과 같이 계산할 수 있다.
Assuming that Vs (km / hr) is the speed of the ship, Vr (km / hr) is the speed of the riverflow, Tu (hr) is the time taken to go to the upstream, Td is the time taken to go back to downstream, and L (km) is the distance between upstram and downstream points, the velocity of the riverflow Vr can be calculated as follows.

Time taken to move from the downstream to the upstream: Tu = L / (Vs-Vr)
Time taken to move from upstream to downstream: Td = L / (Vs + Vr)

Solving the above two expressions together,

Vs-Vr = L/Tu
Vs+Vr = L/Td

Vs = (1/2)*(L/Tu + L/Td)
Vr = (1/2)*(L/Td - L/Tu)
■ Speed of ship

■ Speed of riverflow

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