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Increased length (stretch) of a steel bar of which diameter and length change

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As shown in the figure, a circular steel rod with diameter D1, D2, D3 (mm), length of each section L1, L2, L3 (mm) and a Young's modulus of E (GN/m^2) is connected to an axial force F (kN)  When receiving, obtain the extended length L (mm).

Since dL = P * L / (A * E), the amount of elongation in each section is :

L = (F/E)*(L1/A1+L2/A2+L3/A3)

 = (F/E)*(4/π)*(L1/D1^2+L2/D2^2+L3/D3^2)

Note GN/m^2 = 10^9 N/ 10^6 mm^2 = kN/mm^2 and the result is in millimeters (mm).

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L = (F/E)*(4/π)*(L1/D1^2+L2/D2^2+L3/D3^2)
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