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Solenoid, the amount of current that satisfies the internal magnetic field strength

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When the current I (A) flows through the solenoid having a length L (m) and the number of coil turns N, the strength B (T) of the magnetic field inside the solenoid can be obtained by the following equation..

B = μ*N*I/L

B : strength of magnetic field (N/A·m = T = Wb/m^2)
μ : magnetic constant = 4π*10^(-7) (H/m = T*m/A)
N : number of coil turns
I : current (A)
L : length of solenoid (m)

I = B*L/(μ*N)
 = (10^7)*B*L/(4*π*N)

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I = (10^7)*B*L/(4*π*N)
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